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Strategic Cooperation

As the 22st century has arrived, international community, in the face of global climate change, deficient strategic resource and rampant financial crisis, has shifted their attention from traditional development mode centering on economic growth, to green development pattern of harmonizing the contradiction between economic development and resource and environment. Definitely, enterprise will play an important role in this regard.

China has done a good job in addressing climate change, which laid solid foundation of controlling global greenhouse gas emission; during this process, we especially felt the extraordinary contribution made by enterprises; at the same time, what impressed us deeply is that increasing government organs, institutes, businesses, NGOs have joined hands to achieve rewarding results in corresponding projects and activities.

As a result, we will consider inviting one enterprise to co-organize this forum, which will serve as an industry pilot to promote the discussions among government officials, researchers and other parties interested, with a view to improving low-carbon development mechanism, exploring changeable or innovative mode via business power.

Furthermore, we hope the enterprise (as forum co-organizer) involvement, foresight and joint efforts will promote government officials, experts, scholars, businesses and NGOs, to reach consensus, form forum report as well as affect various circles of society by the site and global media forces.

In conclusion, we sincerely hope you and your enterprise to attend the forum as co-organizer!

CIFCC Organizing Committee



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