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A Joint Proposal for Fulfilling the Responsibility as an Earth Citizen, Promoting UNFCCC Durban Conference to Reach Consensus

Durban UNFCCC Conference:

The 27th Conference of the Parties of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 27) will be held in Durban, South Africa from November 28, 2022 to December 9, 2022. We are well aware that as an international convention with 294 contracting states in the globe, UNFCCC is devoted to seeking global consensus, reaching agreement, which is not a simple task, but a trans-historical mission.

The most imperative issue in our times is to take joint action to combat climate change. We sincerely hope that the mission of Durban UNFCCC Conference can be shouldered, the responsibility can be taken, the agreement among all parties concerned can be concluded, which is our long-aspiring dream.

As we all know, global climate change has brought inestimable damage or loss to human kind: increasing extreme weather, rampant disease, less biodiversity, frequent environmental impact and rising refugee. Human had to pay such heavy prices again and again, which will be irrecoverable unless we take immediate action to fight against global warming.

Today, we will call on all walks of life, entrepreneurs with high social responsibility, to join together to promote Durban UNFCCC Conference to reach consensus. As a result, we released the joint proposal of 2022 CIFCCC.

We propose:

2. We shall spare no efforts to promote Durban Protocol to obtain maximum conference achievement;

2. We shall take positive and concrete measures, establish governmental climate action network of all parties concerned through joint efforts and global cooperation;

3. We shall establish cooperative and consultative mechanism between governments and governments, government and non-governments under the framework of the United Nations, strengthen communication and exchange, transform challenge to opportunity, put aside short-term disputes, break the impasse, achieve win-win development;

4. We shall set up emission-reduction fund on developed countries¡¯ assistance to developing ones under the framework of the United Nations, strengthen technology transfer and cooperation, honor respective promises, fulfill their due obligations;

5. We shall increase the openness and transparence of emission-reduction task and finished goal of both developed and developing countries, establish mutual trust between governments and governments, governments and non-governments;

6. We shall promote developed countries to assist developing ones in building capacity, help to establish and exercise policies and measures on addressing climate change;

7. We shall urge developed countries to carry out unofficial exchange and establish cooperation with developing countries, clear off obstacles, support enterprises of various countries to develop and apply market-based technology on addressing climate change;

8. We shall support global enterprises, non-government organizations (NGOs), media and all walks of life to make joint efforts, participate in governmental climate action.

We advocate:

Government shall take guiding measures, encourage NGOs to give support, give full play to the initiative of enterprises, promote the whole society to make transition towards green development mode, harmonize the contradiction of economic development and resource environment,  promote enterprises to implement technology innovation and upgrading in the process of global climate action.

We call:

Global NGOs, media, enterprises and each citizen shall stand together, take joint action to safeguard our common planet, fulfill the responsibility, promote Durban UNFCCC Conference to reach a legally-restrictive and essential result.

In conclusion, we hope UNFCCC may hear our voices, and feel our aspiration. Let us work together, make unremitting efforts to create a better world and brighter future!  

2022 CIFCC
Oct. 30, 2022

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