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IEEPA Secretary-General Reported to CPPCC Vice Chairman on the Preparatory Work of 2022 CIFCC

On September 22, 2022, Jon Li, secretary-general of IEEPA, went to the office of CPPCC, and reported to Abulaiti Abudurexiti, vice chairman of CPPCC on the recent work of IEEPA. This included preparatory work of 2022 CIFCC, which is scheduled to be held at the end of the year, and asked for instruction on IEEPA Research Department's involvement on the urban environmental-protection research topics, which was launched by the investigation team of CPPCC.

Mr. Abulaiti pointed out: CPPCC has attached special importance to the environmental problems during urban economic development in recent years, and has formulated draft resolution; environmental pollution and its solutions have become an increasing focal point.At the same time, he also would consider inviting research team led by Jon Li to join in the investigation team of CPPCC, to jointly implement investigation and study on the topics related to urban environmental protection.

Lastly, Mr. Li also reported the work on technology-based cooperative program on urban environmental protection by IEEPA, including planned investigation on urban waste comprehensive treatment solution independently developed by relevant domestic enterprise, and IEEPA¡¯s China Energy-Efficiency Promotion Program with UNIDO.

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